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Customer Privacy and Credit Card Security

Doing business over the Internet with an unfamiliar company can sometimes be a gamble. Will your credit card information be protected? Will your personal information be sold to spammers, junk mailers, or telemarketers? Will you really receive the merchandise you order? Often, you don't know the answers to these questions. But we want you to be sure of how Syntaur operates.

First of all, your name, address, and other personal information will never be sold or traded with another company, nor will it be abused within our company. And when we ask for your email address or telephone number, it is not so that we can spam you or call you with heavy sales pitches - it's only so we can reach you if we have problems getting something sent to you. As a customer, we collect your information to fulfill our contract with you, and we keep that information indefinitely unless you request that we remove it. You can email us to request to see what information we have on file, or to ask that your information be deleted.

Secondly, your credit card and personal information is secure. Our online orders are processed either through Stripe or through Paypal, and both of these companies are industry leaders who use state-of-the-art security procedures. Syntaur does not keep any credit card information on file.

We use the Google Analytics cookie and Google advertising cookies to collect demographics and interest reports from Google. You can opt out of this data collection with Google Ads Settings.

Finally, you will receive your order from us very quickly, unless a particular item is back-ordered (not a common occurrence). We have built an outstanding reputation for customer service over the last 30 years, and we're always striving to improve it. If there will be any sort of delay with your order, we will let you know at once - otherwise, expect it to arrive in just a few days.

If you have any doubts about Syntaur, or with any company you may do business with, you can check with the Better Business Bureau before placing an order. The BBB can tell you if there have been customer complaints against a company, and whether or not they were resolved satisfactorily. Or just check on social media - our stellar Google, Facebook, and other ratings are a good indication of the type of service you'll get from us.

We're not a "virtual" web company run out of a PO Box - we're real humans, working out of a real building, offering real service. Give us a call if you have any questions, or drop by and visit. We'll be happy to hear from you.