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Syntaur sells new and refurbished vintage synthesizers, and is the leading provider of keyboard parts on the planet. Let us show you why.


Syntaur was originally an electronic rock band in the 1980s, for which Sam was keyboardist and vocalist.

In 1988, the Syntaur name found new life as Sam's sound design company, beta testing keyboards and developing factory sound programs for Ensoniq and Korg.

In the new millennium, Syntaur began selling synthesizer repair parts, and soon became the world's foremost source for keyboard parts. With a recent move into a larger facility, we now have a retail showroom which is a synthesizer wonderland, with new keyboards from Moog, Korg, Waldorf, Novation, Nord and other brands, refurbished vintage synthesizers you are unlikely to find elsewhere, and even rare 'museum pieces'.



Syntaur's acclaimed web show, where we find, repair, and hot-rod vintage synthesizers.

Sam and Carlos host a podcast where they "talk sense" about synths.

Our charity, dedicated to providing keyboards to underprivileged kids.

Syntaur's annual synthesizer swap meet and exhibition with live performances.

Our recording studio is available for bookings - call Carlos at 830-627-1530 for info.



Sam Mims
Owner & Founder, CEO

Mary Mims
Co-Owner, COO

Carlos Morales
General Manager, Keyboard Technician

Lucas Fowler
Video Production, Social Media

Nick Moon
Keyboard Technician

Ron Peters
Keyboard Technician

Lana Harrell
Customer Service, Inventory Control

Kayla Mims
Inventory Control

Jeremy Cobb
Software Developer

Gerald Dentro (RIP)
Keyboard Technician



Our Green Commitment

We believe that recycling is the second best option; instead, we re-use whatever we can. Especially with packing materials like bubble-wrap or styrofoam peanuts, if we can re-use it, we do - if we can't, we recycle it.

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