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Sampling CD's
Drums - Loops & Beats

These audio CD's are great for use with any sampler. Play them in any regular audio CD player, sample the bits you need, and use them in your compositions without any royalty or licensing hassles whatsoever!


From the South Sampling CD
"From the South," audio sampling CD (Part #CDSTH) Buy Sale Price: $37.47!
From The South is filled with Southern HipHop, rap, urban dance loops, bouncin’ loops, funk guitar, swinging bass lines, harmonicas, washboards, and blues guitars. Tha Professa and his friends reached deep down south for this one! Loops and grooves are ALL ORIGINAL and LICENSE-FREE, and have tempos ranging from 69 to 126.
Demo From the South Audio Demo (MPEG file, 1341k)
The Low End Sampling CD
"The Low End: Bass Loops," audio sampling CD (Part #CDLOWE) Buy Sale Price: $18.71!
Created by acclaimed session artist Akil Wemusa, this CD contains over 1000 measures of ALL ORIGINAL and LICENSE-FREE bass grooves, arranged in bpm rates, tonal key, and type of loop. From fingered to slap, from funk to jazz, from hip-hop to trip-hop, this stunning CD will give you over 70 minutes of the funkiest and most soulful bass grooves available!
Demo The Low End Audio Demo (MPEG file, 180k)
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