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Ensoniq TS-10 and TS-12
Sound Libraries
Ensoniq TS-10 and TS-12 Keyboards


Ensoniq TSD Series Disks
These disks, created by Ensoniq, offer an excellent variety of sounds which take full advantage of the TS's expressive capabilities. Each disk (except TSD-1002) contains 120 new sounds, as well as presets and demo sequences.

TSD-1000, "Timbral Magic" (Part #TS1000) $24.95
Features traditional acoustic sounds and a broad range of synthetic sound effects. In addition, there are many distinctive rhythmic and dance grooves, and ethnic, nature, and other mood-setting sounds to shape and add character to your music.
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TSD-1001, "Altered Native" (Part #TS1001) Sold Out
Emulates ethnic and world sounds representing a wide variety of exotic musical instruments from cultures around the globe. This volume also offers imaginative new timbres using the TS's HyperWave technology.
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TSD-1002, "Rhythm Construction Kit" (Part #TS1002) Sold Out
This disk features 540 expertly programmed drum and percussion sequences in jazz, rock, hip-hop, ethnic, and numerous dance styles. For the maximum in realism, the grooves were played by Los Angeles studio drummer Mark Converse using drum pads, and recorded into the TS's sequencer. Every sequence was recorded as both a straight pattern, and with a fill at the end, and each pattern is recorded in both Ensoniq and General MIDI drum maps.

TSD-1003, "Pop, Rock & Orchestral Sounds" (Part #TS1003) Sold Out
This disk will meet your musical needs with everything from modern pop/rock styles to classic orchestral arrangements. Features 60 pop and synth timbres and 60 orchestral instruments.
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TSD-1004, "Synth-Thesaurus" (Part #TS1004) Sold Out
From Minimoogs to Mellotrons, this killer collection emulates pre-MIDI gear, and converts your TS into the keyboards of yesteryear. Contains imaginative vintage synth and drum machine sounds - with more extensive controls than the originals! Features many of the sounds heard on recordings from the early days of the synthesizer.
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TSD-1005, "World Piece" (Part #TS1005) Sold Out
If gamelans, arab pipes, mbiras, and doumbecks get your rhythms pulsing, then this disk is for you. It brings to your TS a wonderful collection of exotic and unusual instruments from around the world.
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TSD-1006, "Wave Works" (Part #TS1006) Sold Out
Exciting synth sounds, energetic grooves, evocative synth bass, and electronic drum machines abound in this collection of synths and vintage instruments.
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